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Building multiple uses, Allín, Navarra                                                                                                          First price

Cover of the court wall of Arraitz-Orkin, Navarra                                                                                           First price  

Urbanization and new municipal covered court wall in Morentin, Navarre                                                         First price

Cover, remodel and develop of the court wall in Astrain, Navarre                                                                    First price

Cover of the court wall in Mungia, Vizcaya                                                                                             Second price

Urbanization and covered court wall in Orkoien, Navarre                                                                      Special mention

Reform of the court wall, Irun, Guipúzcoa                                                                                     2 technical proposal                                                                                   


29 social housing, New Iturrama, Pamplona, Navarre                                                                                    First price

New Hospital San Juan de Dios, Pamplona, Navarra                                                                                      First price

Reform of forensic pathology and pathological anatomy service, Navarre, Spain                                                  First price

Endoscopy Unit, Hospital Virgen del Camino, Pamplona, Navarre                                                                     First price

Area of service, Highway A-12, Legarda, Navarre                                                                                         First price

Landscape and Park estate North of Trinitarians, Pamplona, Navarre                                                            Second price

Special plan, landscape and urbanization in Lekaroz, Baztan, Navarre                                                         Second price

Institute "IES Ezcaba", Navarre                                                                                                                   Third prize  

Sports area in Artica Navarre                                                                                                                    Third prize   


• Cover of the court wall of Arraitz-Orkin, Navarra, december 2017


2 concrete housing, Lerin, Navarra, Octubre 2017

web Plataforma Arquitectura. https://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/cl/881770/2-viviendas-en-lerin-azpilicueta-arquitectura-y-paisaje

publicación web Archello. http://sp.archello.com/en/project/two-concrete-housings-lerin-navarra/3349275

• Removing architectural barriers, Pamplona, Junio 2017, web Plataforma Arquitectura


publicación web Archello. http://www.archello.com/en/project/removing-architectural-barriers

publicación web ibanana http://www.ibanana.me/index.php/article/index/id/2954.shtml

publicación web edilapp http://edilapp.net/removing-architectural-barriersby-azpilicueta-architecture-and-landscape/

New Hospital San Juan de Dios, Pamplona, Septiembre 2017

web archdaily. https://www.archdaily.mx/mx/873097/reforma-y-ampliacion-del-hospital-san-juan-de-dios-ah-asociados

web arquitecturaviva. http://www.arquitecturaviva.com/Info/News/Details/10479

• Secondary school of Earth Estella, Estella: Solo Arquitectura magazine website. Noviembre 2011, Mimoa magazine website. Noviembre 2011, Mimoa architecture interior design, Marzo 2012, Plataforma Arquitectura magazine website Junio 2012. Publication of the publishing house china HI Design Publishing, the book K12 EducationalArchitecture, November 2012, showcases the best examples of school architecture from around the world.

• Service Area for the A-12, Camino de Santiago, Legarda: Shape magazine, magazine Anta, Monocle magazine, EnRoute magazine Canadian magazine. Mimoa magazine websiteDesign with wooden award. Legarda (Navarre) service area. I Edition of the seminar 'Wood construction', organized by the wooden chair of the University of Navarre and Navarre Government.

• Sports City and building sports facilities for Egües Valley: Project magazine Navarra. First prize contest ideas. Niulan.

• Sports and camping in Ayegui: Executives of Navarra. Niul.

• Land Art and Resource Center for Youth in Buztintxuri, Pamplona, Final Project. Second prize. Iberflora National Competition for final projects, Architecture and Landscape mode. Iberflora publication. Valencia.

• Point stop, rest and a highway bridge: ETSAUN magazine University of Navarra.

• Housing and study for a sculpture at the periphery of Madrid: magazine ETSAUN University of Navarra.

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