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azpilicueta arquitectura y paisaje



azpilicueta architecture and landscape turns out to be a winner of the contest for invitation, for the Draft and Direction of Work for the Cover of Arraitz-Orkin's Fronton, located in Ultzama's Valley, Navarre. The motto of the contest is EAVES. The above mentioned motto is chosen, provided that one tries to integrate the new construction of the copulation of the Fronton, with the eaves of wood typical of the locality.

Principal materials: Wood and steel lacquer.

Principal characteristics of the project

The Fronton has a few almost regulation dimensions of Short Fronton, of length 30 meters. Given the topography type "hill", this pedestrian relevant space, uses as local "watchtower", the green landscape of the zone being able to be observed

The square is a pleasant place, surrounded by large buildings and permeable. A covered space is generated in the Fronton, which participates in the façade of the Casa Concejo, totally linked to it, so that both buildings can interact in possible celebrations or events, not only of a sporting nature. A light, permeable and luminous covering is proposed, allowing visuals, both longitudinally as well as transversally, that structures the relationships on the East-West axis, between the constructions of Casa Concejo, the houses on La Asunción street and the Fronton walls. Keeping the visuals between the Parish House and Frontis. It presents flights in the directions in which the direct sunlight, east, south and west can cause glare in the game of the ball.


The team that has developed the proposal consists of: Daniel Azpilicueta, architect, landscaper; Eduardo Ozcoidi; Miguel Larraburu y Maria Navarro, structure consultant technical architects; Jesús Bacaicoa, infographics


Public presentation and participatory process of the town: April 2017. Adjudication of the contest: June 2017.

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